COVID-19 information


Dear guests!


This Coronavirus situation requires application of special rules and measures. We do our best for your safety and comfort and at the same time we would like to ask for your participation in complying with the health regulations.

The applied measures were developed by the recommendation of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, the guidelines of Hotel Association and the legislation.




In the newly designed lobby of the hotel, at the reception keeping the distance of 1.5 meters is obligatory for the guests and for the staff upon arrival and departure. At check-in and check-out, 1 person can be at the counter, protecting both our guests and staff. Only 1 person from the family / company is allowed to step to the reception desk, the others are asked to be waiting in the lobby.


Regular sterilization is being performed in the lobby. Antiviral hand sanitizers are constantly available throughout the hotel. The items are given to the guests (room key, pen, etc.) will be sterilized at the reception before every handover.

Upon arrival, the application forms will be completed by announcement, and we recommend that you complete the application forms online before arrival. It can be accessed by clicking on the following link:
The application form will be handed over to the guest for signature only. We prefer contactless payments, the bank card terminal is regularly sterilized.

It is obligatory for our staff to wear mask and gloves.


Room use and cleaning measures:


The hotel has been cleaned according to high standards as usual, including the rooms and common areas. Besides the cleaning and sterilizing agents that we usually use, we also use alcohol based sterilizers.

The room will be totally sterilized before every arrival. The rooms will only have important paper-based guides, which will be taken to the selective rubbish bin after the guest leaves. The decoration scarves and pillows have also been temporarily removed from the rooms. We guarantee daily cleaning in the rooms. There is no way to avoid cleaning, please understand and support our guests. Ventilate during cleaning and disinfect frequently affected surfaces. Guests are kindly requested not to use the bed in street clothes. During each cleaning in the room, our colleagues wear masks and gloves, and their hands and gloves are regularly disinfected.




We recommend our guests to use the terrace of the restaurant. In our restaurant we definitely ensure a distance of 1.5 meters. A table can be occupied by people living in the same family. We provide a distance of 2 meters between the tables. When entering the restaurant, all our guests must use hand sanitizer. Our staff (waiters, chefs) must wear masks and gloves. The restaurant is ventilated from open air.

We continuously sterilize the surfaces of restaurant furniture, machines and equipment.


We will maximize the capacity of the restaurant, depending on the number of guests, we will introduce stripped meal times if necessary. We provide our guests buffet breakfast and buffet dinner. Our classic buffet meals are the same, our guests are not allowed to come into direct contact with the food and service equipment provided. The selection and offer of food remains unchanged, however, the service, serving and picking of food can be done by our colleagues. They also provide the plate and the cutlery. Please specify the min. Adherence to a distance of 1.5 m.


Antiviral cleaners are used throughout the kitchen. We also make physical distance mandatory for our kitchen staff, and the use of masks and gloves are also mandatory for them. We maintain a core temperature of 75 ° C when preparing meals, and we train our colleagues continuously.


Community spaces:


Our colleagues clean the floors of common areas, frequently affected surfaces and washbasins several times a day with virucid disinfectants. The handles and frequently affected surfaces are sterilized several times a day.The area of ​​our 9000 m2 hotel allows to 70 people and children to maintain the necessary social distance.

Staff are required to wear a mask and gloves.




Standing at the designated smoking areas only a whole family or up to 2 people are allowed at the same time.


Pool, sauna, jacuzzi:

Mandatory water changes, disinfections, cleanings have taken place, and we have met extra water treatment regulations.We protect ourselves in the pools with elevated chlorine levels, frequent inspections and filter washing.Official sampling is also regular.Only 4 people are allowed being in the pool at the same time.

We do hope that using of jacuzzi and sauna  will be allowed soon.

Our sunbeds are placed to a distance of 1.5 meters.

At the garden tables, family members of the same household can stay together, otherwise four people and children can stay only.





• We kindly ask our guests to pay more attention to hygiene and adhere to the related etiquette (frequent hand washing, sneezing and coughing, shaking hands and avoiding physical contact), which can significantly reduce the risk of viral infection.


• Please avoid physical contact and maintain a safe distance (min. 1.5 m) in public areas, restaurant, lobby, bar and at the reception


• We kindly ask our guests to fill in the declaration by stating that they have not visited infected areas in the last 3 weeks, that there is no coronavirus disease among their close relatives, and that there is no febrile illness at the start of their stay


• We provide opportunity to pre-fill your registration form that is available here by clicking the link below:

If you do so, we will ask your signature only.


• If you have any question during your stay at the hotel, please contact our reception staff by telephone, to minimize personal contact.


• We kindly ask our guests to use contactless payment by bank card or credit card.
If you wish, you can pay the bill in advance (we will send it by e-mail upon request), or it is possible to pay by credit card on our website.


• If you experience illness, malaise or fever, please postpone your stay at the hotel!

We ensure your booking safety at a later date!


• If you notice any symptoms of the disease, please notify our reception by phone immediately. If necessary, the guest and the family members can be separated immediately. Protective equipment is available at the reception and we are prepared to provide hygienic conditions.

We are in constant contact with the medical service and we take action if necessary.

We keep records of all diseases that come to our knowledge (including a common cold), so we can track the path and time of possible diseases.

We do our best to keep pathogens outside of our hotel, please be our partner in this.

Despite this situation, we guarantee a safe and memorable stay in our hotel.

A fenti dokumentum 2020.05.29-én frissült.

Guest reviews
  • "We spent New Year's Eve in 2019 at the hotel. It was excellent. Great program, fantastic food, and very nice staff."
  • "We stayed for 4 days at the hotel and everything was excellent especially the traditional pig killing event. New Year's Eve was also pleasant, including baking chestnut on the next day."
    István Gallai
  • "We can only thank the staff in the hotel for making our stay and New Year's Eve memorable and fun. Helpful staff, polite service, great kitchen."
    Jenő Gábor Pintér
  • "Dear Zsanett Hotel, thank you very much for the 4 days we spent at the hotel."
    Schmidtné Pálmai Ibolya
  • "The free beach was very close, you could walk down from the end of the garden. The pool was very inviting, but in the end, Balaton won, maybe if we had more days to stay .."